Springer America Inc Biking Your Dog Healthy!
Springer America IncBiking Your Dog Healthy!

Springer America is the exclusive U.S. importer of Springer, the bike attachment that allows you to safely bike with your dog. This unique dog exerciser can bring health benefits for you and your dog as you pedal and jog side-by-side.


Offering easy installation, the Springer clamp can be attached to the frame or the seat stem of the bike. The Springer arm is secured to the clamp with a pull pin. The device has a heavy-duty steel spring, situated low on the arm to absorb up to 90% of the force of a dog¹s unexpected tugs.  And that allows bike riders to keep their balance, while protecting their dogs from traffic, pedals, and wheels.  In addition, the patented safety release frees the dog instantly if he gets caught around a tree or hydrant.


Manufactured in Norway, the Springer has been used successfully by 700,000 families, individuals, mushers, and even K9 corps in countries around the world since 1988.





Veterinarians, breeders and other dog experts agree that biking is the best way to give a dog the daily exercise it needs. In addition, it is more fun and fitness, health and happiness to both the dog and its owner.


Made in Norway


Over 700,000 sold since 1988! Now available in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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